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Huron lake

Great Lakes

59,600 sq km, 23,011 sq miles in size, is 206 miles (332 km) long and 183 miles (295 km) at its widest point. The deepest point is 750 ft, while the average depth is 195 ft.Lake Huron is the second largest Great Lake by surface area and the fifth largest freshwater lake in the world. It has the longest shoreline 3,830 miles of the Great Lakes, counting the shorelines of its 30,000 islands. Manitoulin Island is the largest freshwater island in the world. Georgian Bay and Saginaw Bay are the two largest bays on the Great Lakes.
Early explorers listed Georgian Bay as a separate sixth lake because it is nearly separated from the rest of Lake Huron by Manitoulin Island and the Bruce Peninsula. Georgian Bay is large enough to be among the world's 20 largest lakes. Huron receives the flow from both Lake Superior and Lake Michigan, but water flows through Lake Huron (retention time) much more quickly than through either of them. Huron was the first of the Great Lakes to be discovered by European explorers. Shipwrecks are scattered throughout the lake, with five bottomland preserves in Michigan and a national park in Ontario designated to protect the most historically significant ones. The Lake Huron basin is heavily forested, sparsely populated, scenically beautiful, and economically dependent on its rich natural resources.

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